1. Affirmations

  2. I will make an impact for myself and for others today.
  3. I stand firm in my integrity and always push for the direction I know is right.
  4. I prioritize the important things and let the small things wash past me.
  5. Every step I take brings me closer to starting my business. I will create a nest egg by contributing at least $250 every pay check to this business.
  6. I spend 1 hour per week on my business idea.
  7. I will have $20 million in assets with all my debts paid off.
  8. I am recognized as a leader in UX, small business, and in my community.
  9. I work with my family and friend's business at least once per quarter.
  10. I stay in touch with my family at least bi-weekly.
  11. I will have children.
  12. My children will be smart, driven, well-educated, and well-provided-for. Their college is paid for and they have $50,000 starting funds after.
  13. We travel as a family both near and far. And, we develop a love of life together.
  14. I make games a part of life for my family and I.
  15. I create strong bonds of friendship around games, food, and travel.
  16. I maintain friendships I have and rekindle some friendships that have faded.
  17. I own a place in Kauai looking out onto the Ocean, hearing the waves crashing on the surf.
  18. I am building a home theater to watch movies and play games accommodating friends and family alike.
  19. I am going to visit all 50 states, all 7 continents, and hosts of countries.
  20. I will visit and experience Ireland, Greece, and Italy with my family again.
  21. I make time for my wife and children every day; we have special time at least once per month.
  22. I will be the very best version of myself everyday.
  23. I "Play like a champion" today.
  24. Vision Breakdown


Below are the skylines of Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Orlando, New York City, Atlanta, and San Francisco all of which have played an impact in my life.